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dispadaferisce in into_the_future

Seri, Atti and Auggie; This could be awkward.; PG-13 mild language

Life was becoming complicated. Worse, it was happening so fast that Serafino wasn't sure what to do about it. He'd only known Augusten Dunlevy for a week, and already he was worrying about him as much as he would one of his longtime friends. Moreso, even, and it was an inner struggle to keep from acting like a complete fool and texting him as soon as he went home. He managed not to, and after skipping school again on Tuesday he'd finally gone to school today but had spent the day being anywhere Augusten wasn't by spending the day hidden amongst library shelves finishing up work he'd fallen behind in over his long absence.

And now he was on his way to Atti's, because he was restless and the drive offered him something to do. And because he had a feeling he was going to have to make very large bribes to keep one very large mouth shut. He was tempted, very tempted, to text Augusten during the drive and see what he was doing since he'd only be a few houses down. He managed not to, but it was a feat. Which was kind of pathetic. Finally he arrived, without making any phonecalls and without sending any text messages and without messing around on his PDA to see if Augs was on AIM. He kicked violently at a stone on the pavement to vent his mood, and leaned on the doorbell of the Webb house in his usual obnoxious fashion.


Atticus was thankfully the only one home when Serafino arrived, bounding downstairs to answer the door. He smirked openly at the other boy as the heavy french doors swung open, giving him a little wave. "Well, well, well. The infamous Serafino Giovanni is at my front door. Never thought this day would come. Get inside. It's cold as fuck outside."

Shutting the doors behind Serafino, he lead him through the entrance hall and up the wide staircase. The hallway here was wide, doors running down either side. They went half way down before Atticus lead the other boy into his bedroom, a massive room with stone walls and a polished wooden floor, everything dark and gothic.

"So," Atti said, the moment he shut his door. "I heard Auggie got the shit smacked out of him for taking off with you!"
Serafino had prepared for a healthy dose of teasing over his choice of partners. Or for the possibility that Atticus had found out about his way out of character gentle treatment of Augusten two nights before. He hadn't exactly prepared for that little tidbit, because he hadn't really expected anything of the sort. So when he opened his mouth to respond with a smartassed comment he had to take pause while his brain switched gears to process what he'd heard.

"He got what now?" He asked, wrinkling his nose. "When the fuck did this happen?"
"When ever he got back from your place! Uncle 'Li was so pissed off, man," Atticus said, sitting down on the edge of his bed. "He found out about Augusten skipping school, and he was furious that he left when he was grounded. Hit him right in the fucking face, you should see it. It left a bruise and everything. Then my dad and uncle 'Li got into a screaming match over Augusten, and Auggie ran out of dinner in tears!"

Shaking his head, Atticus shrugged one shoulder and studied Serafino. "You've hung out with him twice, and he's spent the night at your place twice. I saw the hickies, dude, what the fuck is up? What happened to your 'only fuck them once' rule? Cause that makes twice. With Augusten! OH OH! That's not all either, by the way. Today he didn't show up at Bean Town to work, he stayed at school late and didn't call home. Eli left James in charge of the coffee shop so he could meet Auggie when he got home."
Serafino was sending a text message before Atticus was even finished telling him Eli had found out Augusten skipped school.

are u home? and are u allowed to go to attis house?

He snapped his phone closed and folded his arms, leaning back against the wall.

"Who nominated you as the Seri's Laws enforcer?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "Seriously. Since when do you care what I do behind closed doors?"
Atticus smirked and shrugged again. "Since you're doing it with my cousin," he said simply, leaning back against the headboard of his bed. "You totally banged him. Twice."

He leaned forward when he heard Seri's phone beep. "That him? Awwww."

im home. i can come to attis. gotta walk though.
then start walkin.

He didn't mean it to sound so harsh, but he'd make it up to the guy with sour patch kids later.

"Yeah, it's him. And yeah, I banged him twice," Serafino answered, rolling his eyes. "So where's the issue? Cause I ain't seein' it."
on my way....

"Well, what makes him special? Why does he transcend the ever important one fuck rule?" Atticus asked, kicking his legs and grinning. "Come on. Do you like him? What's up with this situation?"

Outside the gate swung open and Augusten started up the icy driveway, burrowed inside the hoodie that Serafino had given him. He let himself in, carefully removing his shoes in the entrance hall, taking his time.
"One, mind your own business," Serafino answered, watching from the window as Augusten headed up the driveway. "And two, mind your own business. They're my rules, I can break 'em if I feel like."
Atticus rolled his eyes, getting out of his bed. "Whatever. You totally have a crush on him, you're just too damn you to admit it," he said, opening the door, listening for Auggie and speaking low. "If you're smart, you won't fuck with him and just let it go. He's fucked up and uncle Eli's got him warped. Seriously. You're better off telling him now to just get lost and not hang around."

Seeing Augusten coming up the stairs, Atticus headed down them, leaving the other two alone so they could talk. The taller boy walked into the room with his head bowed, hood up to hide his face. The sleeves were tugged down and he was clutching them with his fingers, scarf wrapped tightly around his neck. He wished he was home hiding. He wished Serafino wasn't here. He wished a lot of things, but he didn't say a word.

"Subtle," Serafino commented, raising an eyebrow at Augusten's bundled up appearance. "Real damn subtle."

He didn't have to ask what Augusten was hiding with the hoodie. He'd seen it all before, on different people with different levels of severity.

"May as well just take off the hoodie and skip right to the part where you try and tell me you fell into a fuckin' bookshelf or something."
"Shut up," Augusten whispered, clearly embarrassed, voice thick with unshed tears. "Just shut up, okay?"

He did, however, remove the hoodie, sniffling as he did so. There were bruises on his wrists where Eli had grabbed him, one cheek bruised purple, black and blue. His left eye was going black from round two they'd had earlier that evening when he'd finally gotten home, and his lip was busted, starting to swell.

Saying nothing, Augusten just stood there, limply holding the hoodie and staring at the floor. "There. You happy?"
"You look like you went three rounds with a bulldozer," Serafino answered impassively, stepping forward and tilting Augusten's face up with a hand on his chin. "And you're still standing even. Impressive."

He studied the bruises, with the air of one used to seeing such things, noting the severity of each. His dislike of Eli rose a notch with every mark his eyes came across, but it didn't show.

"Kitchen," he said finally. "Ice packs asap, it'll stop the swelling. I dunno if Atti's got any ibuprofin, but I keep some in the car. You wanna take a couple now before the pain really sets in."
"No, they freak me out," Augusten admitted, taking off the scarf and hoodie and then his shirt. He quickly turned around so his back was facing Serafino, not wanting the other boy to see the bruises all over his ribs and chest, and down over his abdomen.

Sliding off his jeans, Augusten stood there facing the sink in just his boxers, arms crossed over his chest. He bit his bottom lip and glanced around a little. "Your house...it's nice," he said softly, trying to make diversionary conversation.
"Yeah. I mean it's...I dunno. It's kind of big, it always feels empty. And it's got so much open land around it." Serafino made a face, adding the bubbles and rising to get the towels and washcloths. "I've been living in the condo in the city since I was fourteen, when I started high school. I begged Ma and Papa to let me, so I could go to public school and be able to live somewhere where there was just...stuff and people. But it's nice to come out here now and then."

He set the towels and cloths down on the side of the tub and glanced over at Augusten.

"...so how bad is it?" He asked softly. "You don't have to show me if you don't want to, I can leave the room."
Augusten bit his lip, taking in a deep breath. "I'm ashamed," he said softly, simply. But he turned around. Serafino was being so nice to him, and taking care of him. He knew, somewhere in the back of his mind, that he didn't have to feel that way.

He moved his arms down to his sides, staring straight down at the tile floor under his feet. He knew it was bad. He knew it without even looking in the mirror or at Serafino's reaction. He could feel it, every single bruise, every time he breathed.
Serafino managed not to wince. He gave a little sigh and crossed the room, taking a closer look at the bruises.

"You don't hafta be ashamed," He said after a moment, taking Augusten's hands in his own and looking at the other boy's face instead. Or, rather, the top of his head, since he was staring down. "Really. You got beat up a little. Well, okay, you got beat up a lot. Nothing to be ashamed of...you saw how Ma went at me with that magazine, and I just stood there and took it. And I'd probably stand there and take it if she hit me with her fists. Kids don't fight back against parents, even when parents get outta hand. Now c'mon, look up and let me see your face. No reason for you to stare at your feet the whole time you're here."
"Yeah but everybody knows parents shouldn't hit kids like he hit me," Augusten whispered, peeking up at Serafino. He bit his bottom lip, letting out a shaky breath. "Um...do you want to um, take a bath with me?"

He wanted to look down again but refrained, staring Serafino on the eye. He just looked at him, like he was searching for something, his own eyes very open and very honest, nothing to hide at all.
Here was that dangerous territory again. The appropriate answer, of course, was 'no'. The appropriate course of action was to leave the other boy to his bath and go make sure the ice packs were available for when he finished. Leaning in to kiss Augusten softly wasn't anywhere near the list of appropriate responses, but it was the one he picked anyway.

"Tub's almost full, go ahead and get in," he murmured when he pulled away. "Lemme just go grab us some PJs, I'll be right back."
Augusten blushed at the kiss and bit his bottom lip, doing as he was told. He slid off his boxers and climbed slowly into the bath tub, sinking down into the hot water. He whimpered and closed his eyes, taking some deep breaths.

He wasn't sure anymore exactly what the hell was going on. He wasn't sure how he'd ended up on this situation or how he'd ended up in this place, but he felt better now. Safer, like a weight was lifted, and that was good.

Leaning back against the ledge of the tub, Augusten opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling, just thinking it all over. He did not, however, come up with any answers.
Serafino wasn't any more certain about anything going on than Augusten was. It wasn't like he had a great track record with relationships lasting longer than one night, his score on that count being exactly zero. He couldn't actually like Augusten as Atticus had suggested, because that had the potential for disaster.

God he hoped this was just some insane infatuation. He didn't think he could deal with it otherwise. He wasn't equipped for this kind of shit.

He went through the closet in his old bedroom and pulled out two pairs of the pajamas he left here, then slowly made his way back to the bathroom, trying not to think about it. He made sure the door was locked and set the pajamas beside the sink, pulling off his shirt.

"Can you breathe okay?" He asked, peeling off his jeans. "I mean, nothing's broken, right?"
"I don't think so," Augusten said, raising his head to watch Serafino. "It's sore, but not painful. He just hit me with his fists and threw me into the wall once. He didn't really hit me hard enough to break something."

He moved over in the tub to make room for the other boy, picking up the wash cloth, starting to scrub himself all over. He wanted to look away as Seri undressed but he couldn't help looking. The other boy was too nice not to look at him.
"Good," Serafino answered, making a face. "All they can really do for broken ribs is wrap 'em and wait for 'em to heal. Hurts like a bitch."

He kicked off the jeans and took a moment to take the bandages off his chest before he slid into the water. Everything was pretty much healed, the doctors only made him wear the bandages to stop him from scratching at the forming scars. The warm water felt so very good.

"Want me to do your back?" He asked. "So you don't have to stretch around? That's gotta hurt."
Auggie nodded, handing Seri the wash cloth and turning around. "He didn't really get at my back. Which is good, I guess," he commented, holding his dark hair up off his neck. "I could never take getting shot the way you did. I'd have given up, rolled over and died."
"Oh please," Serafino snorted. "I didn't feel anything at first from the shock. Then I passed out. Then I was dead for almost a full minute before I was resuscitated, and when I finally woke up in the hospital I cried like a little bitch until they shot me full of painkiller. Believe me, I'm no frigging Superman."

He ran the cloth over Augusten's back and shoulders, and carefully over one of his bruised arms.

"Hell, I don't think I could take a beating like you did and not spend the entire day whining."
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