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angel, wings

cryonwaywardson in into_the_future

Revenge; Eli and Augusten; Rated R (violence) (dated for Saturday)

Augusten gave Serafino a kiss as he slid out of bed, the alarm clock glaring at him in bold letters that it was 4:45 AM. Sighing softly, he took a shower and dried his hair, sliding into a pair of blue jeans and a black sweater, pulling on his boots. Grabbing his coat, he left a little note for his boyfriend, just a sappy see you at dinner, baby scrawled on the back of a tea napkin before he left.

Outside it was still pitch dark and snow was falling thick, and Augusten let out an irritated sound as he climbed into Seri's car. He let the engine heat up for a few minutes before he pulled out, driving slowly as he pulled out onto the main road. The gas hand read nearly empty, and he didn't want to stop once he was out on the interstate to New York, so he made it as far as the BP right up from the building where they lived before pulling in to fill up.

Eli had followed Augusten from the parking lot of the building, all the way to the gas station. He'd been watching his son since the day he'd found his truck destroyed in the driveway and his coffee shop had burned down. The fire fighters had ruled it off as accidental, faulty wiring most likely, but he had known better. He knew that the snot nosed Giovanni brat was behind it, revenge, he supposed, over Augusten. Well, Serafino was not the only one who could play the revenge game, and that was exactly why he parked the Denali around the isde of the building, watching his son carefully.

Turning off the car, Augusten climbed out into the cold to pump his own gas, cursing himself silently for not going to a full service station instead in this sort of weather. The wind whipped at his hair and scarf, snow sticking to his jacket. His gloved hands were shaking as he opened the gas cap and started pumping, jumping up and down and shaking. He watched as the timer started, rolling off how much money per gallon was being fed into the tank, his back turned to the building.

This provided the perfect opportunity for Eli, who climbed out of the Denali, and after checking to make sure the workers inside were busy setting up shop for the morning, sprinted across the icy parking lot to grab Augusten from behind. Auggie let out a squeal when he was grabbed, acting on instinct and trying to jerk away. Unfortunately for him, Eli was a fair bit stronger even if he was shorter, and he dragged the kid around the side of the building before anyone could even have time to notice.

"You little disobedient piece of shit," Eli growled, his voice alone striking absolute fear inside of his Augusten. It was his pops, his pops was a bad bad man who did bad bad things, and he was scared now. More scared than he had ever been, at any point in his entire life. He struggled again, kicking his legs, but Eli threw him up against the back of the car, leaning down to glare his face.

"Your little boyfriend wrecked my truck, and then he had made shop burned down. And all over you. You are worthless, Augusten, and he's going to figure that out, and he's going to drop you like the useless sack of shit that you are. But I suppose right now he feels pretty important, doesn't he? He feels like a man, like he's protecting you. Well, all he's done is make it so much worse for you."

Augusten was breathing hard, breath coming out in little white puffs from the cold. He shook his head from side to side, teeth chattering. He tried to think of something to say, but there was nothing. There were no words, nothing at all, not even a noise or a whimper or anything. He did gasp in a little when Eli pulled off the glove on his right hand, pushing back the sleeve and holding his wrist tightly, cutting off circulation.

They just stood there like that for a moment, Eli snarling in Auggie's face, before the boy finally spoke up. The words came out soft, a little squeak of a voice.

"You're hurting me," Augusten managed, struggling a little.

This only further irritated Eli, who tightened his grip, pressing back on Auggie's wrist, causing it to bend. This caused a sharp jab of pain and he boy whimpered louder. Eli merely smirked at that, pressing back more.

Bringing up his other hand, Eli covered Augusten's mouth, the boy's eyes going wide with fright. There wasn't anywhere to go, even if he struggled away. The store part of the BP was still closed, it was so loud from the howling wind that no one would hear him, the buildings were too far away, and he could never out run Eli at any sort of distance.

"Shut up," Eli hissed. "Don't you make a fucking sound or I will kill you. Got it? I'm teaching you a lesson, Augusten, and you can pass the message along to your little boyfriend. If he keeps fucking with me, I keep fucking with you. And don't think I won't slit your throat and dump your body into the river. They won't ever find you, Augusten. Let him know that, won't you?"

Eli pushed back hard on Augusten's wrist one last time and the bones gave way, snapping sharply. The pain was blinding and the boy screamed into the hand that covered his mouth, eyes squeezing shut tightly. Laughing, Eli slid his hand up over Augusten's palm, snapping his fingers back int he same fashion. His pinky, first, and middle finger all snapped, and by the time Eli let him go, all Augusten could do was stumble to the curb and sit down, sick to his stomach from pain.

Getting back into the car, Eli drove away, calling 911 once he was out onto the road.

"Yes? I just saw someone roughing up a kid around the back of the BP down here on the interstate, going out of West Chester? Yes, the one at the intersection. He looked pretty hurt, and I didn't want to get involved. I figured I'd let the police handle it. Yes, yes. Oh, it's no problem, just being a good citizen...."

Augusten sat on the curb in the snow, crying hard and cradling his arm. His fingers, his fingers were broken and so was his wrist. The piano, he couldn't play like this, oh God, oh God, what was he going to do? Eli had known this was his worst fear, losing the ability to use his piano, to have his music, and now what was he going to do? It hurt, it hurt, it hurt.

The police came then, and Augusten was nearly passed out from the pain, his gas tank overflowing. One of them shut it off and pulled the car to the side of the parking lot, getting the keys and locking it before the ambulance came. They took him to the hospital, and one of them asked who to call. He gave them Serafino's number, vaguely remembering it before they doped him up with pain medication so they could work on setting the broken bones.