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Jul. 19th, 2008


Hit!; Mercedes, Augusten, Vin

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Jul. 18th, 2008

grey sweatshirt


Hospital; Dante, Michael, Ava, Emily; TBD (Dated for Sunday)

Serafino and Dante split up once they arrived at the hospital, though it wasn't like Serafino had a choice. He headed for the emergency room, to get the awful gash on the side of his head looked at finally, and Dante didn't want him anywhere near him now that they were off the plane and could go separate ways.

So Dante was alone as he went up to Michael's floor and met by the doctor. Even before he was handed the small bag containing Michael's personal items he was already sinking from anger at Serafino's meddling to a terrible fear and worry down in the pit of his stomach. Being handed the bag, with Michael's ATM card, a few scraps of paper, and their wedding rings just made it that much more worse, and by the time the doctor finally got around to telling him outright that they weren't quite sure if Michael was going to make it through this Dante was in tears.

He was finally led to the room, which was (very surprisingly) not empty. Well, it wasn't overly surprising to see Michael's aunt Emily there, doing some needlepoint in the corner, but it was very surprising to see Ava sitting in a chair with a magazine. Looking pregnant and irritated and just as unpleasant as always.

The doctor left and Dante stepped into the room quietly, going right to the bed with barely any acknowledgement of the other two, looking down at his husband. The tears just doubled up at the sight of Michael just lying there, staring blankly, awake but not really conscious.

Jan. 8th, 2008


Webb Residence, late afternoon, [anyone?]

It wasn't far out to Mac and Ryan's place, but he was carrying an easel, painting boards and a backpack with artists's materials, AND it was very cold, so Charlie was puffing a bit when he got to the gates.

He peered along the drive and leaned on the bell on the gate. "I hope someone's in," he said to the intercom, "because I'm simply dying for a cuppa."

Jan. 3rd, 2008


(no subject)

Who: Maggy and Hemingway
When: The beginning of Spring Term at Chestnut Hill
Where: Teacher's Lounge
Rating: G
Summary: Maggy's a guest speaker at Chestnut Hill. Hem's a teacher. This can't be good.

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Dec. 30th, 2007


(no subject)

Who: Brendan and Emily
Where: Their place, Boston, MA
When: December 28th.
Rating: PG-13 because Brendan usually has a potty mouth
Summary: Bren becomes a daddy and asks Em to be his wife. Let's all do it together now... AWWWWWWWW!

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Dec. 16th, 2007


Persimmon Gallery then ?. Evening. Open post.

It was nearly seven thirty when the battered old VW van pulled up in the parkig spot behind the Persimmon Gallery. The vehicle may have looked a mess on the outside - its poor custom paint job of dolphins and breaking waves faded and scratched - but the engine was sound and the hammock in the back was quite comfortable. Charlie was really looking forward to cooking a proper meal, having a proper shower and stretching out on a proper bed.

It had been a stressful couple of weeks. Read more...Collapse )

"At least I can get something hot at Bean Town," he said and let himself back out and headed down the road. A few mintures later he was staring at the charred building and wondering just what the heck had happened.

Dec. 15th, 2007


Letter to Maddie

29 Louisa Street
Key West

December 11th

My dearest Maddie,

How are you? How is everyone?

A little bird tells me that you're deep in preparation for your wedding. If that is so I wonder if you would like a helping hand? I'm planning on being in your area for a while, some months possibly, and will have plenty of time between paintings to act as a go-fer for you.

I'm staying in Key West at the moment - it's WARM and SUNNY!!! but I'm moving on soon. I should be there by the end of the week. If there' anything you think I should know before I get there - you know how I hate to say the wrong thing - please leave me a voice mail.

I say voice mail because I don't always remember to take my phone with me. Must be getting old. Anyhow I'm looking forward to seeing you and your family and to meeting your young man!

love to all,


Uncle Charlie.

Dec. 6th, 2007

angel, wings


Revenge; Eli and Augusten; Rated R (violence) (dated for Saturday)

Augusten gave Serafino a kiss as he slid out of bed, the alarm clock glaring at him in bold letters that it was 4:45 AM. Sighing softly, he took a shower and dried his hair, sliding into a pair of blue jeans and a black sweater, pulling on his boots. Grabbing his coat, he left a little note for his boyfriend, just a sappy see you at dinner, baby scrawled on the back of a tea napkin before he left.

Outside it was still pitch dark and snow was falling thick, and Augusten let out an irritated sound as he climbed into Seri's car. He let the engine heat up for a few minutes before he pulled out, driving slowly as he pulled out onto the main road. The gas hand read nearly empty, and he didn't want to stop once he was out on the interstate to New York, so he made it as far as the BP right up from the building where they lived before pulling in to fill up.

Eli had followed Augusten from the parking lot of the building, all the way to the gas station. He'd been watching his son since the day he'd found his truck destroyed in the driveway and his coffee shop had burned down. The fire fighters had ruled it off as accidental, faulty wiring most likely, but he had known better. He knew that the snot nosed Giovanni brat was behind it, revenge, he supposed, over Augusten. Well, Serafino was not the only one who could play the revenge game, and that was exactly why he parked the Denali around the isde of the building, watching his son carefully.

Bad things happen between 5 and 6 a.m....Collapse )

Nov. 28th, 2007


Seri, Atti and Auggie; This could be awkward.; PG-13 mild language

Life was becoming complicated. Worse, it was happening so fast that Serafino wasn't sure what to do about it. He'd only known Augusten Dunlevy for a week, and already he was worrying about him as much as he would one of his longtime friends. Moreso, even, and it was an inner struggle to keep from acting like a complete fool and texting him as soon as he went home. He managed not to, and after skipping school again on Tuesday he'd finally gone to school today but had spent the day being anywhere Augusten wasn't by spending the day hidden amongst library shelves finishing up work he'd fallen behind in over his long absence.

And now he was on his way to Atti's, because he was restless and the drive offered him something to do. And because he had a feeling he was going to have to make very large bribes to keep one very large mouth shut. He was tempted, very tempted, to text Augusten during the drive and see what he was doing since he'd only be a few houses down. He managed not to, but it was a feat. Which was kind of pathetic. Finally he arrived, without making any phonecalls and without sending any text messages and without messing around on his PDA to see if Augs was on AIM. He kicked violently at a stone on the pavement to vent his mood, and leaned on the doorbell of the Webb house in his usual obnoxious fashion.

Nov. 27th, 2007


Rescue! Kind of.; Augusten and Serafino; AIM convo; backdated to Nov. 25

di spada ferisce: Tell me this is Dunlevy and that Atti didn't give me some random s/n to make me look like an idiot?
di spada ferisce: (Giovanni)
lamponthefloor: Yeah. I mean. I mean, assuming I'm the Dunlevy you're looking for. There are four of us.

We've got a big mess on our hands...Collapse )

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