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dispadaferisce in into_the_future

Rescue! Kind of.; Augusten and Serafino; AIM convo; backdated to Nov. 25

di spada ferisce: Tell me this is Dunlevy and that Atti didn't give me some random s/n to make me look like an idiot?
di spada ferisce: (Giovanni)
lamponthefloor: Yeah. I mean. I mean, assuming I'm the Dunlevy you're looking for. There are four of us.

di spada ferisce: Well, I hope it's Augs or I'm probably gonna get yelled at by his father for stalking his kid online or Harris for bugging Adrienne.
lamponthefloor: No, it's Augusten.
lamponthefloor: Atticus gave you my screen name? At least it's not like that time he wrote my cell phone number in the bathroom stall of that truck stop.
di spada ferisce: I thought your number looked familiar. Maybe that's where I saw it before.
lamponthefloor: Haha.
lamponthefloor: I apologize right now if I end up disappearing on you.
di spada ferisce: It's the internet. It's probably the only channel of communication you're not allowed to get mad about people disappearing from.
lamponthefloor: Well, I mean, I'm hiding from my pops right now. So if he comes in here tyrading, I might vanish and not return for any length of time.
di spada ferisce: Ah, the guy who thinks I'm fast company without even meeting me. Sounds like a gem, that one.
di spada ferisce: What's he tirading about?
lamponthefloor: He....it's hard to explain. He's just in a bad mood. He took my car keys and was screaming so I'm hiding in the basement.
di spada ferisce: He took your car keys? What, he think you're gonna run off at random? Where would you find anywhere clean enough?
lamponthefloor: I was going to leave when he started the yelling. So he took my keys and yelled more.
di spada ferisce: Lesson learned from this: next time leave faster. It that bad?
lamponthefloor: Yeah. It's pretty bad. He gets into....moods. I guess that's what you call them. He gets mad.
lamponthefloor: I try to leave or hide when he gets this way. He used to do the bad thing to my dad.
di spada ferisce: He the type that takes swings? That's how you're making it sound.
lamponthefloor: Yeah. He is.
lamponthefloor: brb he's coming downstairs
di spada ferisce: Lock your door.
lamponthefloor: I'm going to run past and up to my brother's room, he won't go in there.
di spada ferisce: Well you better run faster than you were gonna leave the house.
lamponthefloor: I can't lock myself in the basement. I haven't even had dinner. Upstairs is like, the last hope or something.
lamponthefloor: It's like a really shitty movie.
di spada ferisce: Maybe you ought to consider sucking it up and taking a CAB somewhere.
di spada ferisce: At least the germs don't hit.
lamponthefloor: I wanted to go to my uncle's but he left, there's no one at all at their house.
lamponthefloor: Well. I got out of the basement.
lamponthefloor: Anyway.
lamponthefloor: What did you want to talk about?
di spada ferisce: Nothing in particular. I was just checking email and saw you online.
di spada ferisce: Figured I'd bug you, everybody else is busy.
lamponthefloor: It's okay. I don't mind.
di spada ferisce: I guess you wouldn't, given the fun evening you're having.
di spada ferisce: This sort of thing happen often?
lamponthefloor: Yeah...more now that dad is gone. He used to yell at him. He never used to yell at me
lamponthefloor: I'm the only one here now.
di spada ferisce: No offense to your family, but he sounds like a dick.
lamponthefloor: He's always been like this. I don't know anything different.
di spada ferisce: Believe me, he's a dick.
di spada ferisce: We know our own.
lamponthefloor: He won't stop!
di spada ferisce: Yelling?
lamponthefloor: Yes.
di spada ferisce: Does he even have anything to yell ABOUT or is he just going on?
lamponthefloor: He's just screaming about stupid things.
di spada ferisce: If he keeps it up, I'll come pick you up. Fuck him, let him cool down alone for a while. I don't have anything better to do.
lamponthefloor: I'm leaving on foot. I can't stand it. I started to cry. He went into the garage so I'm going out the back door.
di spada ferisce: If you're going to leave, then tell me where you're going and I'll meet you there.
lamponthefloor: I don't know where I'm going. I live out on Brandywine, there's nothing here but houses and the space between them is pretty far once you get past our little area.
di spada ferisce: I'm getting in the car now. It'll take about twenty minutes to get there, so pick one direction to walk in so it won't be hard to find you.
lamponthefloor: I'm going to walk towards the main road
di spada ferisce: All right, I'll be there soon. We'll go grab something to eat, and if he's still raging at nothing when you get back...I'll walk you in to get some clothes for tomorrow, you can crash in my guest room.
lamponthefloor: Thanks.
lamponthefloor: I'm sorry I'm lame.
di spada ferisce: Don't worry about it. It's an everyday occurrence for me. I come from a family of assholes.
lamponthefloor: Thanks though. I'm walking now. It's so fucking cold.
di spada ferisce: Tell me you at least grabbed a jacket.
lamponthefloor: No...I just sorta fled....
di spada ferisce: If the cold doesn't kill you, I'm gonna flick you upside the head when I get there.
lamponthefloor: I couldn't stay inside, he was raging back up the stairs.
lamponthefloor: I'll be okay.
di spada ferisce: I know you will. I'm running into GAP and grabbing you a hoodie.
lamponthefloor: Don't do that. It's okay. Seriously.
lamponthefloor: I know where we can go. I have a set of keys to Bean Town.
lamponthefloor: There won't be nosy people there.
di spada ferisce: Too late, I'm in line.
lamponthefloor: It's snowing.
lamponthefloor: Great.
di spada ferisce: You're the king of good luck, you are.
lamponthefloor: King of wishful thinking maybe.
di spada ferisce: King of the homos soon. The hoodie is pink.
lamponthefloor: I don't mind pink.
di spada ferisce: Good. It'll go great with the pastel purple gloves and the yellow scarf.
lamponthefloor: I like bright colors.
di spada ferisce: I wasn't trying to pick bright colors. I just kind of grabbed automatically. I'm used to buying stuff for the brat pack.
lamponthefloor: It's okay.
di spada ferisce: You're not going to get into big trouble for walking out, are you?
lamponthefloor: I don't know.
lamponthefloor: I don't think so. He always calms down.
lamponthefloor: I'm losing signal.
di spada ferisce: S'okay. I'm almost there. Keep walking the same direction.
lamponthefloor: I will. It's cold.

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