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dispadaferisce in into_the_future

Seri, Atti and Auggie; This could be awkward.; PG-13 mild language

Life was becoming complicated. Worse, it was happening so fast that Serafino wasn't sure what to do about it. He'd only known Augusten Dunlevy for a week, and already he was worrying about him as much as he would one of his longtime friends. Moreso, even, and it was an inner struggle to keep from acting like a complete fool and texting him as soon as he went home. He managed not to, and after skipping school again on Tuesday he'd finally gone to school today but had spent the day being anywhere Augusten wasn't by spending the day hidden amongst library shelves finishing up work he'd fallen behind in over his long absence.

And now he was on his way to Atti's, because he was restless and the drive offered him something to do. And because he had a feeling he was going to have to make very large bribes to keep one very large mouth shut. He was tempted, very tempted, to text Augusten during the drive and see what he was doing since he'd only be a few houses down. He managed not to, but it was a feat. Which was kind of pathetic. Finally he arrived, without making any phonecalls and without sending any text messages and without messing around on his PDA to see if Augs was on AIM. He kicked violently at a stone on the pavement to vent his mood, and leaned on the doorbell of the Webb house in his usual obnoxious fashion.


Atticus nodded, putting the ice pack to his eye, laying his head against the window. "Can we not stop? I'd rather just sleep until we get there," he whispered. "I'm tired. I'll eat something later. I'm not even hungry anyway."

He gave Serafino a small look before shifting around, curling up in the seat with his legs beneath him, closing his eyes. "Just wake me up when we're there."

It didn't take Augusten long to drift off once the car was in motion, glad to rest and keep his mind off things.
Serafino let him sleep, tossing his own coat over him as a blanket once he was out so that he didn't have to keep the heat blasting full force and suffocate himself. He was used to the drive, but was still practically bored out of his skull when they finally pulled up to the gates of his parents' house.

The place sat on a ton of land, fenced off with a high stone wall, and was practically a country in and of itself. Serafino remembered when he was little, when he hadn't even known that a world beyond the walls existed. And why would he have? There were woods, a lake, open clearings, stables, tree houses, pools, a small playground, and tons of square footage to the house...everything six children could have ever wanted to keep themselves occupied.

Only now all of those things, while well-kept, were no longer used. Only three of those six children remained, and only Angelo had a kid of his own. Celeste was a crazy anorexic supermodel, she was never having children. And Serafino's parenting days were probably very far in the future given his chosen profession in music. The three of them came to the house for holidays, and only Serafino ever actually visited just to visit.

He stopped at the guard house and chatted with the guard for a few minutes before the gates were finally opened so he could head to the house. Which was going to take a few minutes, since the road leading up to it was almost a mile long and wound through wooded land.

"Hey, we're here," he murmured, shaking Augusten lightly. "Come on, you've only got a few minutes to wake yourself up before you have to deal with crazy people," he added, sending a text message with his free hand to alert his parents that he was there.
"It's getting dark out," Augusten mumbled, sitting up and looking out the window of the car. He again refrained from rubbing at his eyes, shrugging the coat off of him, looking over at Serafino. He managed a small smile, adjusting his scarf and running his fingers through his hair, trying to tame it.

When the house loomed in to view, he just looked at it in awe, but didn't say anything. He hated when people did that, got all rambly about someone else's home or possessions. It was sort of rude, really.

Once they parked, he climbed out and smoothed down his wrinkled close, holding out his hand to Serafino. He bit his bottom lip and looked down shyly, hoping it didn't seem weird.
Serafino took it, but only because it was late and a weekday and not a time when any of his father's 'associates' were usually around. His mother wouldn't care, but holding hands with another boy wasn't something one did in the presence of conservative old Italian men whose homophobia registered off the charts.

He led Augusten through the main entrance, into the huge, high-ceilinged front hall flanked with curving marble staircases. It was insanely overdone, but nobody lived in this part of the house anyway. This was for Papa to impress people he did business with and nothing else, unless one counted sliding down the banisters, which was awesome if you managed not to ram your nuts into the marble globes at the bottom.

"Oh, my darling son returns," a female voice sounded from the top of one of the staircases, echoing through the hall along with light footsteps. Serafina Giovanni was on her way to greet them, looking just as at home in her short skirt and very high heels in her forties as she had in her twenties. Her tone was deceptively sweet, the only warning Serafino had that something was wrong. But it wasn't like there was anywhere to run that she wouldn't find him.

He was proven right when she reached the bottom and stalked across the hall, dark hair flouncing around her shoulders, to smack him in the head with a rolled up magazine.

"The fuck is wrong with you, ey?" She demanded, hitting him twice more. "What, I didn't raise to have some fucking sense? I raised a fucking idiot? Did I?"

"Ow. Ow, Ma," Serafino protested, trying in vain to block the assault. For being only barely above five feet Serafina had an uncanny ability to get past his defenses. "What the fuck!"

She stopped hitting him long enough to unroll the magazine and thrust it in his face. It was Origivation, a small local music magazine, and he was on the front. The picture was Serafino, lying on a white bed backdrop with an albino python strategically covering parts that couldn't be shown on the cover.

"Oh. That."

"Let's see it," Serafina said airily, crossing her arms. "Come on, hot shot, you wanna whip it out for the entire world to see, fine. I wanna see it."

Serafino winced slightly and let out a small huff. Reluctantly, he unfastened his jeans and peeled them down a bit to show the tattoo on his hip fully. Serafina looked at it and sucked at her teeth, clearly disapproving.

"It looks like shit," she stated. "What'd I tell you? I told you, if you want a fucking tattoo, you go to your cousin Richie. Where the fuck did you get that? One of those filthy places in the city. What, you wanna end up diseased? Fucking moron." She smacked him in the head again.

"MA," Serafino exclaimed, holding his nose where she'd hit him in the face.

She ignored him, turning to Augusten. Like a switch had been hit, she smiled sunnily. "You must be the friend Seri said he was bringing. Oh, aren't you precious? He said you were adorable. You hungry sweetie? I hope so, Marie just finished making her chicken scallopini. Get the fuck in the dining room," this last statement was aimed at Serafino and punctuated with another smack in the head.
Augusten watched the entire exchange with wide eyes, feeling out of place in the nice house already, and even more so after watching Seri's mother thwap him about the face with the magazine. He gave his friend a side ways look and then glanced down at himself, disgusted.

He was wearing worn out jeans and a pair of loafers, a white t-shirt and the hoodie and scarf Seri had gotten him. He was covered in bruises and was a total mess, and since when did Serafino tell anyone that he was adorable.

Managing a shy smile, Augusten bit his bottom lip and peeked at Seri's mom from behind his hair. "Hi," he said softly, playing with the zipper of his jacket. "I'm Augusten Dunlevy. It's nice to meet you. Thanks for having me over."
"Oh, sweetie, it's always nice to have company," Serafina assured him. "We take Jolee off Seri's hands twice a week, but the rest of the time it's empty here. Seri, go on and take him into the dining room, Im'ma go have Janice dig out some ice packs and finish getting one of the rooms ready."

She waved them off with one last smack to the back of Seri's head, which made him roll his eyes in annoyance, and sashayed off down the wide hallway.

"...she's not usually that violent," Serafino said after a minute, trying to flatten his hair now that it was sticking up from being beaten around. "Come on, let's go eat before she finishes and watches to make sure we have thirds. Then we'll go get you cleaned up."
"She seems nice," Augusten said softly, following after Serafino, just taking it all in. "I've never had a mom..."

The moment they stepped into the dining room he could smell the food and his stomach growled. He blushed a little, waiting for Seri to seat himself before sitting across from him, taking a plate. "Thank you for letting me stay here. You don't know how much it means to me. Really."
"I imagine having a mom isn't much different from having a second dad," Serafino answered with a shrug, passing the chicken platter over to Augusten and taking some pasta and salad for himself. "I mean, it's pretty much just two different parents, one just wears a skirt more often."

Since nobody was around he went ahead and helped himself to one of the bottles of wine that was resting on a wine rack across the room, pouring himself half a glass and offering the bottle to Augusten.

"And stop thanking me, really. It's as much for me as it is for you. I don't think I'd be able to get a decent night's sleep knowing you were stuck at home."
Augusten poured himself a little bit of wine but didn't overdo it, sipping at it before putting moderately sized portions of everything onto his plate. Picking up his fork and knife, he cut everything neatly and arranged it the way he liked it, napkin spread across his lap.

He'd taken a year of etiquette classes. He really couldn't help it.

"You told your mom I'm adorable," he said softly, unable to resist bringing it up.
Serafino glanced up at him briefly before flicking his eyes back down to the salad he was mixing croutons into. He'd known that would come up eventually. Augusten was just way too blunt and honest to not mention something if it crossed his little hamster wheel of a mind.

"Yeah," he answered, shrugging it off. "It was a...you know. A...thing. 'I'm bringing a friend. You'll love him, he's adorable.' You know."
"Uh huh," Augusten said softly, eating slowly and methodically, everything in a perfect order just like everything else in his life was. He sipped at the wine and tried his best to maintain a high level of politeness, even if there were no actual adults present.

Clearing his throat, he put his fork down and wiped the corners of his mouth. "Nice picture. That magazine cover. I still haven't shown you my pictures. Too much other stuff came up."
Serafino shrugged again. "It's for a concert next summer that the band I'm in was invited to play at, called Sleeping With Serpents. The article has a bunch of pictures of reps from different bands wearing nothing but a snake. Interesting experience, that's for sure."

He finished off his wine, but only picked at his food. He'd grabbed a salad from a drive-thru while Augusten had been sleeping. "And no, you haven't. I'm very interested in seeing these."
Augusten nodded, folding his hands back into his lap. "If you have a computer, I can show you," he said softly, shrugging a little. He wondered how shitty he looked, but didn't ask. He wasn't sure he even wanted to know.
"Later, okay?" Serafino answered. "After you soak a little to relax and help with those bruises. I'll get you set up in one of the guest bathrooms, you'll love it. The fucking tub is deep enough to be a fucking swimming pool. Well, not really, but close. If you're done I'll take you up. And Ma'll probably be forcing some kind of dessert on us by the time you're finished."
"I really do need a bath. Do you have Mr. Bubble?" Augusten asked, blushing. "I have this thing...I just...I have to have it. It's sort of necessary for the routine. The routine is...it's important I can't explain. It just is...."

He knew he sounded absolutely insane, but he couldn't help it. Things had to be done a certain way or they were bad. "Mr. Bubble and two towels. And white wash clothes."