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dispadaferisce in into_the_future

Seri, Atti and Auggie; This could be awkward.; PG-13 mild language

Life was becoming complicated. Worse, it was happening so fast that Serafino wasn't sure what to do about it. He'd only known Augusten Dunlevy for a week, and already he was worrying about him as much as he would one of his longtime friends. Moreso, even, and it was an inner struggle to keep from acting like a complete fool and texting him as soon as he went home. He managed not to, and after skipping school again on Tuesday he'd finally gone to school today but had spent the day being anywhere Augusten wasn't by spending the day hidden amongst library shelves finishing up work he'd fallen behind in over his long absence.

And now he was on his way to Atti's, because he was restless and the drive offered him something to do. And because he had a feeling he was going to have to make very large bribes to keep one very large mouth shut. He was tempted, very tempted, to text Augusten during the drive and see what he was doing since he'd only be a few houses down. He managed not to, but it was a feat. Which was kind of pathetic. Finally he arrived, without making any phonecalls and without sending any text messages and without messing around on his PDA to see if Augs was on AIM. He kicked violently at a stone on the pavement to vent his mood, and leaned on the doorbell of the Webb house in his usual obnoxious fashion.


"Oh please," Serafino snorted. "I didn't feel anything at first from the shock. Then I passed out. Then I was dead for almost a full minute before I was resuscitated, and when I finally woke up in the hospital I cried like a little bitch until they shot me full of painkiller. Believe me, I'm no frigging Superman."

He ran the cloth over Augusten's back and shoulders, and carefully over one of his bruised arms.

"Hell, I don't think I could take a beating like you did and not spend the entire day whining."
"No reason to whine, really," Augusten said softly, shifting around, leaning back against Serafino. He took the wash cloth from him and sat it on the side of the tub, leaning leaning. "It won't solve my problems. It won't get me out of there, won't change it. It happened, he did it, I'm living with it now. Whining only makes me seem more absolutely pathetic."

He leaned his head back against Serafino's shoulder, closing his eyes. "Pain is pain. That I can deal with. It's just the idea of it that's hard to swallow."
"Yeah, well, the difference is that I'm a spoiled little rich brat, and you're a survivor," Serafino answered softly.

He remained still for a moment then, somewhat hesitantly, wrapped his arms around Augusten's middle, careful not to squeeze too hard and hurt him. He let his own head fall forward to rest on Augusten's shoulder, turning slightly so that his face was buried against the other boy's neck.

"You're gonna wanna soak once or twice a day," he murmured after a long stretch of silence. "Heat's good for healing bruises."
Augusten nodded softly, just relaxing and taking in slow breaths. "I will," he whispered, turning his head to kiss Serafino's forehead. "We should get out now. I'm pretty tired. I just wanna get under the covers and sleep it away."

Shifting a little, he turned around completely, kissing Serafino properly on the mouth. "Will you stay with me tonight? I don't wanna be alone. I'm too afraid."
"You can stay in my room," Serafino answered, twirling a damp lock of Augusten's hair around one finger. "I hate trying to sleep on the guest room beds. They're not broken in."

He kissed Augusten once more, taking his time, and then finally let him go so they could get out of the tub. He decided at that point that he really didn't like Mr. Bubble, or at least didn't like the smell, and that Augusten seriously needed to change his preference in bubbles.

Once they were both dry and dressed, Serafino led Augusten back down the hall a few doors to his old room. This one was different from the condo, much darker and richer in its colors and plastered with music posters. There was a desk with a computer in the corner and a mini fridge, and even a coffee maker, giving it the feeling of a dorm room of sorts.

"You aren't offended by waterbeds, are you?"
"I've never slept in one," Augusten shrugged. "I've heard about them though."

Examining the bed with interest, Augusten sat down on the edge and slid back, giggling at the way the bed rolled under him. He rolled over and the bed sloshed and he laughed more, stretching out. "I like this."
Serafino just watched Augusten bob around as the mattress shifted with his every motion. He decided that it didn't really matter if he was bruised and black and blue, Augusten was gorgeous when he smiled and always would be.

He waited until the wave motion started to die down and then moved to kneel on the bed, straddling Augusten's hips and careful not to rest any of his weight on him. Serafino leaned down to kiss him again, briefly and lightly, then rolled off to lie beside him.

"I'm glad you enjoy it. Otherwise you'd be sleeping on the floor on the air mattress."
Augusten curled up in one of the little dips created by the bed, looking at Serafino with soft eyes. He gave him a shy little smile before he leaned in, kissing his shoulder. "You'll hold me, right? You won't let nothing bad happen?"
"There's nothing bad that could happen to you here," Serafino assured him, rolling over on his side. He scooted over closer and pulled the blankets up over them both before settling an arm around Augusten. "I promise."
"Good," Augusten said softly, closing his tired eyes. "I trust you. You won't break your promise."

He yawned and stretched out a little, his entire body aching. He was too tired to notice the pain though, already drifting off. "Night Seri...you're too good for me...really are..."
Serafino said nothing, not wanting to stop him from falling asleep. He did smile slightly though...he somehow doubted that he was too good for anyone. He was, afterall, a selfish, self-centered brat who used people and tossed them aside at his leisure.

He stretched out as well, settling Augusten more comfortably against him, and tried to think of some way to explain this away to Atticus while he fell asleep himself.