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bdenssecksay in into_the_future

Who: Brendan and Emily
Where: Their place, Boston, MA
When: December 28th.
Rating: PG-13 because Brendan usually has a potty mouth
Summary: Bren becomes a daddy and asks Em to be his wife. Let's all do it together now... AWWWWWWWW!

Emily was sore. Not just that 'laid the wrong way in bed' sore, but 'I just had a fucking baby and my stitches still aren't out yet' sore. The baby, who still remained nameless, had been born on the 25rd, and it was now the 28th. She had only been home a day and a half, and that entire time had been spent in the bed, curled up with a heating pad and only waking long enough to feed the baby, her precious little curly haired girl.

Now though, Emily was stirring again, and not just from sleep, but from restlessness. She was an on the go girl, with no time for bed, even after 9 and a half months of pregnancy and a birth. She had to get up and move around, or she'd go absolutely stir crazy.

Checking that Bren wasn't in the room to chastise her, Emily carefully slid out of bed and got to her feet, smoothing down her short white cotton night gown. Shuffling slowly, she shooed the dog out of her way and made her way into the hall. She bit her lip, listening and then smiling. Someone (read: Bren) was in the kitchen.

Smiling, she started in that direction, a hand against the wally for balance. Yep. This definitely hurt, but laying in bed did what for the healing process, exactly? Oh, wait. Nothing! Shaking her head, Em finally reached her destination, just standing in the doorway to the her stainless steel kitchen, smiling softly at what she saw. There was Bren, the embodiment of grungy post-punk rock male, feeding her tiny little baby girl a bottle.

"Well," Emily said softly, still smiling. "I see someone has taken up the roll of daddy."

Brendan looked up from where he was sitting (on Emily's counter, Indian-style) and grinned. The baby, who he just called Sweetheart for lack of a more formal name, was curled into his arm, slurping noisily at the bottle of formula he'd prepared. Em was so tired, he could see it even if she wouldn't admit it, he hadn't wanted to wake her when the baby had started whimpering from hunger. It may have been sixteen years since he'd had to do this with his nephew, Brent, but it wasn't something you really forgot.

"Hey beautiful," he greeted. "And of course I have. This is my little sweetheart here, even if she spit up all over my favorite Led Zeppelin tee today."

"She spit up cause that shirt is old and it smells," Emily pointed out, going to the fridge in search of food for herself. "You could've woke me up, Bren. I'd have taken care of her."

Yawning, she looked inside the ice box and found absolutely nothing of interest, so she went for the phone instead. Picking up the stack of take out menus, she flipped through them in consideration. "What do you think? Chinese?"

"I could've," Brendan said, setting the bottle down and lifting the baby to his shoulder to burp. "But you need your rest. If you don't, you won't heal right."

He rubbed her tiny back and patted it gently, considering. "Chinese is fine. You know what I like."

Emily nodded, putting the phone and the menu on the counter. "You know what I like too. Order it, while I wash up?"

She didn't wait for him to answer, shuffling back into the bathroom to wash her hands and brush her frizzy hair before returning. Smiling, she reached for the baby, cooing at her. "We have to find her a name, Bren. She can't be 'the baby' all her life."

"Yeah, not having a name makes it hard to have a Social Security card and a birth certificate too." Brendan got a good burp from the little one and then handed her over to her mommy. "I got some veggie rice and chow mein and some veggie egg rolls, along with that green bean chicken you said you liked," he said, sliding off the counter.

"Names... Those are tough. It's hard to find the right inspiration."

"I never anticipated thinking up a name," Emily admitted, rocking the baby gently in her arms, cradling her as she sat down on the sofa gently. "I want a good name, that'll stick with her for her entire life. Nothing boring or plain. She's not going to be a boring or plain girl. Her name has to be as gorgeous as her."

"Something beautiful and unique." Brendan put the money for the food delivery on the table by the door, then joined his little family on the sofa. "I think we need to hit up the internet to find something appropriately gorgeous for our little doll."

He paused for a moment, looking at Emily and the baby. "Em... Are you going to put Eli's name on her birth certificate?"

Emily bit her bottom lip consideringly, looking back at Brendan. "Honestly? I don't know, Bren. I know she's his child, his daughter, but...he doesn't even want her. I had to readjust my life to make room for this little angel, and while I don't regret that, it wasn't the plan. He strapped me with something I didn't technically ask for. So...I don't think he deserves to be named as her father, no..."

She gave Brendan a curious look, gaze falling back to the baby in her arms. "My poor little nameless love."

"Em?" Brendan started, fingers tracing lightly along one of the baby's perfect little ears. "Would you consider naming me?" He was nervous, his heart pounding a mile a minute, but he continued. "I already love her like she's mine... I'd do anything for the both of you. You know that."

"You want to be her father?" Emily asked softly, just staring at Brendan with wide eyes. She had, in her mind, considered the thought but hadn't even intended to ask it. It was a big deal, a huge deal, even, but since he'd brought it up....

"I was actually thinking that before," she said softly. "Asking you to be her daddy."

Brendan's heart was beating painfully in his chest. "Yeah," he said in a whisper, mouth suddenly dry. "I do. I already feel like I am, ya know? I had no idea that it was possible to love someone, with all your heart, the moment you meet them but... as soon as you had her... and the doctor put her in my arms..." He shut up then, shaking his head and looking away for a moment while his eyes cleared. "That was all it took. I want to be there for her, for both of you. And I will be, I swear it."

Brendan's heart was beating painfully in his chest. "Yeah," he said in a whisper, mouth suddenly dry. "I do. I already feel like I am, ya know? I had no idea that it was possible to love someone, with all your heart, the moment you meet them but... as soon as you had her... and the doctor put her in my arms..." He shut up then, shaking his head and looking away for a moment while his eyes cleared. "That was all it took. I want to be there for her, for both of you. And I will be, I swear it."

Emily smiled softly at Brendan then, reaching over to brush some hair back out of his eyes. "I believe you, Bren, and I trust you. I think it's a good idea, she needs a man in her life who'll be there. Who'll take care of her, and chase the monsters away, and kiss her boo-boos, and do things for her that mommy can't do."

She looked at the baby again, smiling when she yawned. "Congrats, Brenny. You're a daddy."

Brendan grinned widely, leaning in and planting a kiss on the corner of Emily's mouth. He wasn't quite brave enough to full on kiss her on the lips, though he'd be a liar if he said he didn't want to. He brushed a slight kiss on the top of the baby's head before looking up at Emily, still beaming. "How about Brielle for a name? It's pretty and unique..."

"No...that doesn't fit her," Emily said, shaking her head. "It has to be something gorgeous, and literary, and everything she is and will be in a word. You know? Something like...Imagine. Something that's just rare, but that we can both believe in."

"Imagine is nice, but I think it might be a little too out there. We don't want anyone making fun of our baby." He relaxed into the sofa, slipping an arm around Emily's shoulders. "Something literary like... Anais. Or Jacqueline, after Jack Keroac."

Emily shook her head, tracing the baby's little lips with her finger before smiling. "No. Her name is Sonnet," she said softly. "Sonnet Brelyn Adamson. That's her name."

"I think Sonnet is a beautiful name," Brendan said, eyes filling up, voice thick with emotion. He turned to Em, eyes coursing over her face. "Marry me, Em."

"Sonnet is a go-wait. What?" Emily asked, completely caught off guard. She just looked at Brendan, trying to figure out if he was serious or not. "Are you...you aren't joking, right?"

"I've never been more serious." Brendan licked his suddenly dry lips and took another deep, calming breath. "Marry me, Emily. Please. I... I love you. I have for ages."

Emily bit her lip, looking down at the now sleeping little girl in her arms, nodding slowly. "Okay," she said, practically a whisper. "Yes."

"Are you sure?" Bren asked, searching her face. "We don't have to, not if you're not sure..."

"Brendan," Emily said softly. "Of course I'm sure. We've been living together for awhile. You were here for nearly my entire pregnancy, and you're going to be Sonnet's father. I have a million reasons to be sure, besides the fact that I just love you."

Brendan grinned, leaning in to kiss Emily softly. "It'll take me a couple of weeks to get you a ring," he said when he pulled back, tucking a hair behind her ear. "But you'll love it, I know you will. And anything you want for the wedding, you can have. All I ask is that my sister and nephew be present."

Emily nodded, kissing him back. "A ring isn't a big deal, Bren. I can wait. But I don't want a big wedding. In fact...I'd just...like something simple. Back home, in Nebraska. There's a little church there, where my parent's go. Just a small, simple, Baptist place in the middle of a big old field. Some pretty flowers, your nephew and sister, my parent's. That's all I need."

"A small wedding it is, then," Brendan said with a grin, secretly glad. His family, other than Brenna and Brent, were all dead. a big wedding with half the church empty would be awkward. "Maybe in six months or so... when Sonnet is old enough to travel that far."

"Yeah, that'll be nice. Gives me time to wrap up things at work and settled into a lighter work load for summer," Emily said, smiling a little too and then yawning. "Shit. Baby? I think I need to lay back down. When the food comes, put mine in the fridge for later?"

Brendan nodded, stifling a yawn himself. "Get some sleep, baby. Want me to keep Sonnet until I come back to bed?"

Emily shook her head tiredly. "No...I'll put her in her crib, she's sleeping now. Just come to bed whenever you're ready, Bren."

Brendan nodded and stood, helping Emily up. "I'll be in shortly," he said, kissing her temple. "As soon as the food gets here, in fact. I can't leave my girls in there all alone."

"Thanks baby," Emily said, carrying Sonnet into the bedroom with her, climbing back into bed. She settled in on her side with Emily between her and some pillows, falling back into a light sleep quickly.

Brendan wasn't far behind Emily. As soon as the food had been delivered, he paid the man and gave him a hefty tip, then stuffed it all in the fridge. When he climbed back in bed, it was behind Emily, their bodies curled together, his face buried in her sweet smelling hair. Sleep didn't elude him for long.