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chas_shaw in into_the_future

Webb Residence, late afternoon, [anyone?]

It wasn't far out to Mac and Ryan's place, but he was carrying an easel, painting boards and a backpack with artists's materials, AND it was very cold, so Charlie was puffing a bit when he got to the gates.

He peered along the drive and leaned on the bell on the gate. "I hope someone's in," he said to the intercom, "because I'm simply dying for a cuppa."


Atticus just shrugged, picking at the marble counter top. "I don't know. Guess cause I think of him as Uncle D, is all I mean. It'd be just as weird having like, you instead of dad. I love you both, but that'd be just fuckin' out there."
"Hmm, yes," Charlie frowned. "I suppose I can imagine an alternate universe where everything was different - say where Deacon was with Mac, and maybe I was with Sam Quaid, but that doesn't mean I'd have liked it better that way. I'm very content as I am. Well - I'm missing D, and home, and stuff."