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danny_giovanni in into_the_future

Hospital; Dante, Michael, Ava, Emily; TBD (Dated for Sunday)

Serafino and Dante split up once they arrived at the hospital, though it wasn't like Serafino had a choice. He headed for the emergency room, to get the awful gash on the side of his head looked at finally, and Dante didn't want him anywhere near him now that they were off the plane and could go separate ways.

So Dante was alone as he went up to Michael's floor and met by the doctor. Even before he was handed the small bag containing Michael's personal items he was already sinking from anger at Serafino's meddling to a terrible fear and worry down in the pit of his stomach. Being handed the bag, with Michael's ATM card, a few scraps of paper, and their wedding rings just made it that much more worse, and by the time the doctor finally got around to telling him outright that they weren't quite sure if Michael was going to make it through this Dante was in tears.

He was finally led to the room, which was (very surprisingly) not empty. Well, it wasn't overly surprising to see Michael's aunt Emily there, doing some needlepoint in the corner, but it was very surprising to see Ava sitting in a chair with a magazine. Looking pregnant and irritated and just as unpleasant as always.

The doctor left and Dante stepped into the room quietly, going right to the bed with barely any acknowledgement of the other two, looking down at his husband. The tears just doubled up at the sight of Michael just lying there, staring blankly, awake but not really conscious.


It was nearly an hour, Ava and Emily coming and going from the room and Mikey blankly staring. The doctors came in wordlessly to check vitals, and Ava wondered off to the cafeteria for dinner. Emily soon followed her, leaving Dante and his husband completely alone.

It started with a blink, then another, and then Mikey was coughing his head off. A small hack and then his lungs were practically coming up through his throat. He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes, curling his hands into fists and coughing again.
Dante was up as soon as the noise started, grabbing the pitcher beside the table and pouring a little bit of water into a cup. He leaned over Michael, one hand running soothingly through his hair, the other holding the cup.

"Hey hey hey," he said softly, wincing in sympathy. "Here, try some water, maybe it'll help."
Michael sat up a little, accepting the cup and taking a long drink. The coughing subsided a little and he laid back down, breathing in again, a deep gasp before he opened his eyes.

He tried to talk but the tube in his throat made it achy scratchy, eyes blinking tiredly up at Dante. He attempted to say his name, coughing agian before forcing it out.

"Just be quiet and rest, okay?" Dante murmured, setting the cup down before taking Michael's hand again. He leaned back over him, gently running his fingers through his hair again, biting his lip and trying not to cry. "You're gonna be okay, you just need to rest."
Shaking his head, Michael squeezed Dante's hand. He felt the ring and pulled his hand back, tapping it. He looked at Dante and tapped it again, then lifted his hand and tapped him against the chest.
"You didn't think you were gonna get rid of me just be scaring me a little, did you?" Dante asked, forcing a little smile. "I wasn't leaving you, boo. I was just...really upset and stupid."

Mikey cleared his throat, hoping Dante understand his point. He was sorry, for what had happened, for what he'd done. Just knowing that Dante was here now, it made things a little easier to handle.


He wanted to ask how Dante was doing, but it wouldn't quite come out right.
"I'm fine, baby," Dante answered softly, leaning down to rest his head on the pillow beside Michael's. He continued to lightly pet his hair, trying to keep calm and not cry anymore so he wouldn't upset Michael further. "You're the one I'm worried about. You gave us all a real scare."
Mikey let out a breath of air, closing his eyes for a minute. He took Dante's hand again, curling their fingers together. "Love you," he whispered, coughing again, but softer.

Emily came back into the room, nodding her approval as Ava slipped in as well.

"He's awake?" Ava asked, sounding almost disappointed.
"Don't sound so enthusiastic, Ava," Dante answered icily, not turning to look at her. He lightly kissed Michael's forehead, dropping his voice back down to a much softer level when he spoke to him.

"I love you too, boo. Want some more water or are you okay?"
Mikey waved off the water, tugging at Dante. He wanted him to come close enough to kiss him on the lips.

Emily had sat back down with her needlepoint, but Ava remained standing, watching them.

"So what? He's alive so you decide you want him after all? After he tried to kill himself? Classy."
Dante placed a brief kiss on Michael's lips before sitting up, turning to level his gaze on Ava.

"Almost as classy as wishing he died," he returned through clenched teeth. "What are you doing here, Ava? Sniffing around for a way to cash in?"
"He's my brother," Ava said snidely, rolling her eyes. "What are you doing here? You're the reason he's like this. You're the reason he almost died."

Mikey made a noise then, pointing at Ava and then at the door.

"Get out," Emily said, not looking up. "Go on, Ava. Go home. Dante's right, after all. You thought you'd get a piece of land, or some money."
Dante was off the bed in an instant, grabbing Ava's arm and dragging her bodily out of the room, not about to wait around for her to shoot her mouth off more before wandering off. He dragged her all the way down the hallway and gave her a shove, sending her stumbling back into the elevator doors before he hit the down button.

"You better pray that when he does go, I'm already dead," he hissed, waiting for the elevator to come. "Because I'm his legal next of kin, and if I'm still around everything he's got goes to me. And I wouldn't want or need any of it, but I would burn it all to the ground right in front of your face just so you couldn't get your slimy paws on it."
Ava glared hard at Dante, putting her hands over her stomach in a protective nature. "Yeah? Well fuck you then. I don't even know who you think you are. Mikey always has, and always will, cave in a second. Just fucking wait. When he's better? I'll get whatever I want from him, just to piss you off and show you up."

The elevator came and she stepped on with a huff, stabbing the button for the lobby. She just glared and gave Dante the finger as the doors slipped closed and she was out of sight.
"I hope you choke on your husband's dick," Dante shot back just as the doors closed, shooting Ava a dark look. "IF HE'LL EVEN COME NEAR YOUR FAT ASS AFTER FUCKING EVERYTHING THAT COMES NEAR HIM ON TOUR!" He shouted at the closed doors in addition, knowing Ava would hear it.

He kicked the closed elevator before storming back to the room, taking a deep breath before stepping inside to calm himself.

"God, I feel bad for that kid she's gonna have."
Mikey looked up at Dante, letting out a breath. He knew he had to tell him, even if the timing wasn't right. He'd intended to tell him the news before he'd left Italy, but the fight had prevented it from happening.

Now he pointed at himself and then at Dante, speaking softly and his voice still gruff.

Dante let out a huff, hands on his hips, just looking at Michael for a minute and having no idea what he meant.

"Ava's? Yeah, it's probably going to be ugly and stupid, in addition to having a total gold digger for a moth- wait, baby?" He interrupted himself as it occurred to him what Michael might have been trying to say, pointing back and forth between them. "Like, me you baby, us baby, we baby, baby?"
"Baby," Mikey repeated, patting his stomach and pointing at Dante again. "Mom."

He knew the word 'mom' was pretty stupid as far as choices went. It was just the first thing that came to mind. When he thought of their future child, he just sort of saw it that way in his own head. He was the 'dad' and Danny was the 'mom'.

It really was a ridiculous choice of words, but Dante wasn't really going to fault Michael for it right now. He made his way back over to the bed, sitting down on the edge somewhat heavily. It was...odd, to think that they were going to be parents. They'd planned on it, actively worked on it even, but now that it was really happening it was just a very strange feeling.

"....wow," was all he could manage.
Mikey nodded his head, patting Dante's stomach and smiling a little, and he would have laughed if he could have. He closed his eyes again, settling back in the pillows. A doctor bustled in then, hooking his IV up to some medication, telling Dante and Emily that it would help him rest.

He opened his eyes again to look up at his husband, blinking sleepily suddenly.

"I'm not going anywhere," Dante promised softly, taking Michael's hand again. "You just get some rest and get better, so I can take you home."
Mikey nodded, tapping his heart and then tapping Dante's lips before closing his eyes again. He fell asleep quickly, breathing even and slow again, but this time it was a much more peaceful rest.