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danny_giovanni in into_the_future

Hospital; Dante, Michael, Ava, Emily; TBD (Dated for Sunday)

Serafino and Dante split up once they arrived at the hospital, though it wasn't like Serafino had a choice. He headed for the emergency room, to get the awful gash on the side of his head looked at finally, and Dante didn't want him anywhere near him now that they were off the plane and could go separate ways.

So Dante was alone as he went up to Michael's floor and met by the doctor. Even before he was handed the small bag containing Michael's personal items he was already sinking from anger at Serafino's meddling to a terrible fear and worry down in the pit of his stomach. Being handed the bag, with Michael's ATM card, a few scraps of paper, and their wedding rings just made it that much more worse, and by the time the doctor finally got around to telling him outright that they weren't quite sure if Michael was going to make it through this Dante was in tears.

He was finally led to the room, which was (very surprisingly) not empty. Well, it wasn't overly surprising to see Michael's aunt Emily there, doing some needlepoint in the corner, but it was very surprising to see Ava sitting in a chair with a magazine. Looking pregnant and irritated and just as unpleasant as always.

The doctor left and Dante stepped into the room quietly, going right to the bed with barely any acknowledgement of the other two, looking down at his husband. The tears just doubled up at the sight of Michael just lying there, staring blankly, awake but not really conscious.


It really was a ridiculous choice of words, but Dante wasn't really going to fault Michael for it right now. He made his way back over to the bed, sitting down on the edge somewhat heavily. It was...odd, to think that they were going to be parents. They'd planned on it, actively worked on it even, but now that it was really happening it was just a very strange feeling.

"....wow," was all he could manage.
Mikey nodded his head, patting Dante's stomach and smiling a little, and he would have laughed if he could have. He closed his eyes again, settling back in the pillows. A doctor bustled in then, hooking his IV up to some medication, telling Dante and Emily that it would help him rest.

He opened his eyes again to look up at his husband, blinking sleepily suddenly.

"I'm not going anywhere," Dante promised softly, taking Michael's hand again. "You just get some rest and get better, so I can take you home."
Mikey nodded, tapping his heart and then tapping Dante's lips before closing his eyes again. He fell asleep quickly, breathing even and slow again, but this time it was a much more peaceful rest.