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Nov. 25th, 2007

angel, wings


Auggie and Seri; Run away!; Rating TBD

Augusten bowed his head against the cold and the snow, glad he was at least wearing long sleeves. His eyes were red from crying, and his wet cheeks were raw now from the biting wind. He just kept walking, wanting to put as much distance between his house and yelling dad as he could, and he'd run into Serafino eventually. He didn't want the other boy to rush there on his account. He'd be okay.


Rubbing at his eyes, Augusten turned the bend and the houses all disappeared, nothing immediatley ahead of him but trees, snow, and settling darkness. It was scary here, but not nearly as scary as home was, and he'd take this any day. So he just kept on walking.

Nov. 19th, 2007


First day of school; Serafino, Atti, Adri?, Augusten?; Rating: R for language

Serafino almost went the wrong way when he turned his BMW off the main street leading from his condo. He was no longer heading to the dinky little former-grade-school-turned-high that was Bodine High School, his new destination was the Chestnut Hill Academy.

Playtime for the young and rich...Collapse )

Nov. 18th, 2007

down, sad eyes


First Meeting; Eli and Nick; Rating TBD

The world has it's shine....Collapse )

Dec. 21st, 2006

007- Maddie and Chan Snuggle


Maddie and Chandler; The cat's out of the bag,

After talking with Atticus earlier in the day, Maddie felt a lot more relieved. About what happened to her, what her brother was going through… everything, really. Except for one thing.

Chandler. Ah, sweet, dear Chandler...Collapse )

Nov. 23rd, 2006



Hospitals and Tears; Jack and Alexa; PG-13

Alexa told herself that it wasn’t a good idea to go to the hospital. Jack had called her the night before and told her that his mom was sick and he wouldn’t be able to make it for their tutoring date and, since then, she’d been vaguely worried about him. He’d sounded sad, but like he was trying to hide it, to keep it from her. By the next afternoon, she’d made up her mind.

A word with Rosa and Alexa’s larger purse was packed with a couple of sandwiches and some sodas and she was in the car, driving to the hospital. Once she arrived, she was directed to the ICU. She sat in the waiting room, biting her lip and wondering if he’d be happy to see her or upset at her intrusion, while one of the nurses told him he had a visitor.

Can't take the kid from the fight, take the fight from the kid.Collapse )

Nov. 6th, 2006

Eyeliner and fucking pissed.


Jack and Alexa (with a little Julben)- Tutoring- PG-13

Jack pulled off the main road and onto the tree lined street that was supposed to lead him to the James’ home, a quick glance at the directions written on the back of a sales order telling him that it was, in fact, the right place. He’d left school an hour and a half before, going straight home to check on his mother before driving into Chester on his day off from the store to meet with a girl that one of his customers had told him about.

Her name was Alexa, and apparently she needed tutoring in history, and Mrs. Ingles, who just happened to be a teacher and a friend of the girls’ mother, had highly recommended him for the job. He was grateful, really, because it was getting to be winter, and that meant a higher electric bill and his mother would be sick more often, and he needed the money.

Jack desperately needed the money.

Sighing softly, he pulled up in front of a house with a mailbox that matched the number on the paper. Hitting the brakes, he put the car into park and stared up at the massive house, a groan escaping his lips.

“Another rich kid that doesn’t want to study because they can buy their way through anything,” he mumbled, climbing out of the car and heading up the walk, ringing the door bell. “Figures.”

Sexual tension, AHOOOOOOO!Collapse )
awww, shy smile, looking down


Bentley, Julian, and Alexa; The first meeting; backdated about, oh, A MONTH!

Julian despised this town. He despised the country, if he were really being truthful. But, he considered, things had changed when his father had come out as a homosexual. He had been a fine, upstanding French autocrat, as close to being nobility as one could be without actually being titled… That was all gone now. He and his twin, Alexa, were sent to live with their mother and she had decided to return to her native soil, dragging them with her. Fine. He’s live in the gauche, boorish country, but he wouldn’t like it.

Welcome to the family. Or not.Collapse )

Sep. 10th, 2006

playful smile, smirk


CAPES!; Chandler and Madison; PG-13? R? who knows!

Maddie was relaxing in her (new!) apartment, her books and homework spread around her on the comfortable leather sofa like she were some kind of medieval queen at court and her essays and papers were her loyal subjects. Only, in reality, it was she who was the servant and her papers were the masters. She’d done nothing but homework for a few weeks now.

She sighed, standing and stretching as she decided to take a break. Her pale pink cotton pants rode low on full hips and her tank top, also a becoming shade of pale pink, hugged her curves like it was made just for her. She wore no bra and was barefoot, her long dark curls hanging down her back. Today was a comfy day in Maddie’s World, and she was taking full advantage.

Don't get too comfy!Collapse )

Jul. 3rd, 2006

004- hugs and cuddles


Mac and Ry; Adult situations.

Ryan wasn’t stupid. He wasn’t totally oblivious to the goings on in his own house. He knew that Atticus had snuck out to see that… older boy. Then one he’d been forbidden to see. He sighed, pausing as he tried to still his mind and sooth the savage beast that was his raging temper. He was furious. Furious at Atticus. Furious at Mac. Furious at Seth, the kid next door who he knew was home all night when he was supposed to be at the movies with Atticus. Furious with himself for letting Mac convince him that a swift kick in the ass was not what the boy needed.

“Military school,” he said, half to himself. “I knew we should’ve sent him to military school.”

Temper Temper...Collapse )

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